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Acquire is the ultimate marketing team for your business. Our award winning management training program constantly trains and produces exceedingly capable managers that can bring your company the results you've continuously been looking for. ... Acquire's team is comprised of problem solvers and strategic thinkers.

A former employee mentioned, "If Acquire's schedule changes every day, and you can never be sure if you're actually working, that's not a schedule. You will have no work life balance because you have to be in the office every morning just in case you get to work that day. Every morning you have to stand there for 2 hours and listen to what is essentially a sermon about making money. Even on your day off. Your bosses telling you how wealthy they are is meant to inspire you to go out and make more money. And no leaning. If they catch you leaning on the wall, that could deter your promotion to corporate trainer. No matter what position you are called in to interview for, and there are so many listed, they will only offer you the client rep role. No matter how many times in the interview process you ask, they will not give a direct answer on what exactly they are hiring you to do until the last stage. This job cost me half my weekly pay in gas. It is not compensated, and I had to fill my car every three days to drive to Durham, to Wake Forest, to Fayetteville. You don't get paid your commission UNLESS it exceeds your hourly earnings. This fact is not made plain in interview. I learned this by reading the fine print of the paper work. Acquire did not fulfil my reimbursement despite a promise from a corporate trainer before I took out the expense that it would be repaid. I contacted the office about it for a month in person, in email, over the phone."


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Marketing Representative (Former Employee) says

"Unless you a desperate for a job do not work at this place. Everything in the interview was very misleading and the organization puts itself over the employees. Not a great place to work."

Marketing Representative (Former Employee) says

"Acquire is a multi-level marketing company. Do your research before fully investing your time into the company. It can be a great place for some to grow; however, understand that you will be selling products in a large retail store such as Costco or Sam's Club.Energetic group of people.Unpredictable, awkward hours and can seem decieving"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"They prey on new college graduates or people who are trying to quickly find a job to be involved in sales. They try to make it seem as though this job is bigger than sales, but ultimately even if you get promoted you'll continue to be doing sales. The job description doesn't match what you actually do. Everyday you meet with everyone at the office at 7 a.m. (including Saturdays) to touch up on your sale's pitches, and a "motivational meeting" even if you don't have a shift until the afternoon. The worst part about these meetings is that they try to allude to the fact that people working 9-5s or doing a job that makes them happy won't be as "successful as us." Basically, just a place to burn you out until you fail to meet the quota. You mostly go to Sam's Clubs/Costcos to sell Directv. If you don't make the quota, you get fired. Just think in the consumer's shoes: If you are trying to go grocery shopping, would you want someone to walk up and bother you about Directv?finally leaving your shiftnot worth the work you put in, not secure at all, driving long distances and not being compensated for gas"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"This is a scheme for high rolling business owners to make a quick buck off freshly graduated college students, or young adults trying to find a job. Things to look out for in pyramid schemes that acquire has; 1) office ONLY has young attractive staff 2) CONSTANT motivational speeches, to ensure the job ISNT a scam 3) pay scale where commission is only given if it weighs out your hourly."

Client Representative (Former Employee) says

"You’re better off somewhere else. As great as the team was and the morale was always pretty high, the actual job did not match the description when I applied. The pay is horrible. I can’t pay bills on $10/hr when they refused to give me 40 hour workweeks (most of the time I took home about 250-300 per week). Please do not fall for the glitz and glamour spoken to you during your interview. In fact, don’t even bother applying, because if you don’t make sales, you’re fired. And they’ll make you feel isolated professionally.Great morale. Team nights were a fun part of the week and helped us unwind. That’s about it.Scheduling was fickle and could change at last second, pay was terrible and wasn’t worth it, you’re not really given more than a month to break even or you get fired."

skill in garde manger, saucier and grill (Former Employee) says

"wasn't fair pay management did not control anything very wellnothingmanagement"

Marketing Specialist Intern (Former Employee) says

"I didn't feel as if I was working in an environment that would help prolong my career. The idea of the company wasn't as described in the interview. Once you were in the field it was a different experience."

Bike driver/Cashier/server (Former Employee) says

"• Greets the customer and take their order. • Assist the customer in dining area. • Serve their food fast with good quality and clean. • Following standards to make sure for the quality, service and cleanliness to meet the customer’s food"

Client Representative (Former Employee) says

"Work/life balance was not good Lots of time spent traveling Schedule subject to change everyday, never knew when you were going to work Meeting every morning Mon-Sat then go to field and try to sell in store"

Marketing and Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Working for Acquire, while it was short-lived, was a relatively unfortunate experience for me. I did learn a lot while I worked there through the field experience as well as the on-site training that was given 10 hours a week. The hardest part of the job was the traveling as I was not expected to have to drive to other cities very last minute. They did a great job of creating a team based environment with holding "team nights" out to various places in Raleigh."

Charlie says

"The first property I viewed, the agent was late and didn’t inform me. When she turned up, the room I was down to view was already taken. A total waste of time! Thought I would give them a second go today but the second flat was in the most run down, grotty building I have ever stepped foot in (one of their Battersea properties) , and nobody came to meet me, so after waiting for 15minutes the tenant showed me the main areas but the door to the bedroom was locked. The tenant had no idea anyone was coming to view. I didn’t even want to hang around to see if someone showed up. It was just horrendous. A tenant in one of the buildings said that Aquire were awful, so it wasn’t just my opinion!"

Jack Moore says

"Awful experience would recommend avoiding if possible. Took a week to send us relevant referencing forms despite taking our holding deposit immediately, then stalled on sending the contract. Once they had finally sent the contract and we had signed, we were informed that the landlord wasn't happy with our references, 2 days before move date. After initial confusion about why the landlord had originally deemed us suitable enough to sign contracts, take a months worth of rent and security deposits from to only then pull it, an email from the landlord described that not all the references we'd provided had actually been shared with him and the additional references he had requested hadn't been relayed to us to allow us time to provide them. We are now in the process of chasing our rent, security deposit AND holding deposit, totaling nearly £3,000, and have to find another flat in the space of a week. Communication from the team at Acquire living was dreadful throughout and we have yet to receive even an apology for their handling of the situation."

Maria says

"The room was way smaller than what it shows in the photos. The agent when questioned about that lead me to the door and ended the viewing without showing me anything else."

An says

"Horrible offering service. They put houses on the market and instead of doing a first come, first serve basis they ask you to complete an application form to make an offer. Then never follow-up to confirm whether you may make an offer or not"